Security Awareness Training


What is Security Awareness?

Security awareness is a combination of the knowledge employees have and the steps they take to protect your organization’s computer equipment and the information on it. 

Why is security awareness training critical?

Security awareness training is necessary to help users identify threats to information security and take proper action in response. All users need to know how to protect against threats and stay up to date on the latest types of attacks.

Who should take security awareness training?

Every user in the organization should take security awareness, training regardless of experience or role.  The internet, and information technology, change constantly, and threats grow and evolve every day. This makes up-to-date training critical for everyone who has access to the organization’s systems and data. 

Security Awareness Training Can Mitigate These Things

  • Over 75% of all legitimate websites contain unpatched vulnerabilities
  • Over 80% of cyber attacks are perpetrated via weak or stolen passwords
  • 44% of security alerts go uninvestigated due to the overwhelming amount of information received by security officers
  • Email is more dangerous than ever: one in 131 emails—the highest rate in five years—contain malware
  • Phishing scams target businesses: corporate email accounts are six times more likely to be targeted than personal ones
  • Most cyber attacks happen in the middle of the work week, when scammers can easily contact prime targets via email