Security Assessments


In today’s always connected world, organizations are becoming more and more reliant on their IT systems to run major parts of their operations. Today, you’re just one data breach away from being a leading story on the news and social media, which can severely damage your reputation and brand.

A security assessment can identify the most vulnerable aspects of your organization around people, processes and technologies that target opportunities for improvement that offer the highest return on investment.

What Our Assessors Look At


Types of Security Assessments

Large-Scale Security Program Assessments


  • Measure against either NIST or ISO 27001
  • In-depth, longer engagement times, more costly...
  • Usually targeted for companies and organizations who have a more security program.

Compliance-Focused Security Program Assessments


  • Measure against a specific compliance, e.g. PCI, HIPAA, NY DFS, GDPR, SEC, DFARS, ITAR, etc.
  • Targeted for companies and organizations who must adhere to a specific compliance

CIS (Center of Internet Security) Security Program Assessments


Rapid Assessment based on the CIS "Top 20" controls every organization should be doing

  • Maps to NIST or ISO 27001
  • Targeted for companies and organizations who have no security program or have not previously done an assessment