Ensure Your Privacy And Safeguard Your Family

Cybercriminals target executives, high net worth families, celebrities, athletes, and public persons

Today’s technically agile world puts new demands on ultra-high net worth individuals and family offices regarding the need to be risk aware and proactive in securing and protecting the transmission and storage of sensitive financial, business and personal information. Critical documents, large sums and highly confidential information now move from point A to point B with the speed and ease of a tap-and-send. Mobility and technical agility keep daily business and personal activity in sync, but for wealthy individuals this digital connectivity brings unique security challenges as your data becomes the target of predators attempting to find a break in the cloud. Information security requires diligence and the ability to quickly identify and mitigate risks through best practice methodologies and processes. It also calls for technical solutions that create a line of defense that protects your information from unauthorized access and potential malicious acts and ensures the safe delivery, management and control of your most trusted data. . 


Specific Challenges to HNW and Family Offices


Evolving Threats & Rapid Cloud Adoption

As HNW and Family Offices continue to adopt and drive digital transformation (DX), staying ahead of the threat landscape and attack chain curve is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. This problem isn’t helped by the fact that evolving cloud environments have separated data stores. Though convenient, these are common points of attack for hackers and can leave systems vulnerable to devastating breaches. 

Bigger Target So Protecting Your Data is Paramount

HNW & Family offices are in possession of sensitive data similar to that of larger organizations. However, their security controls requirements are much less stringent than most large organisations. This is partially because they typically rely on a small number of staff which means that data is often less segregated and more exposed than it is in larger organizations 

Frequent Travel

The lifestyles of high net worth families often include lots of travel, both domestically and abroad. The prominence and wealth of high net worth individuals call for extra caution and care, as well as special measures to ensure their privacy while doing business on the Internet. 

Cyber Talent Shortage

Both the government and the private sector are scrambling for talent. Thousands of information-security jobs are going unfilled as the industry in the U.S. struggles with a shortage of properly trained professionals. By one estimate, there will be 3.5 million unfilled cyber security jobs by 2021. 

Cyber Confusion & Paralysis

Today HNW and Family Offices don't just have a single network to secure, most organizations now own and manage a variety of environments, including physical networks, private cloud and virtual SDN environments, multiple public clouds, an expanding WAN edge, IT/OT convergence, and an increasingly mobile workforce. This coupled with tons of cyber products out there most organizations don't know where to turn or how to begin.

Inceptus Can Help Your Organization

Inceptus provides Customized Protection Plans to keep HNW & Family Offices safe, secure and protecte

Inceptus provides HNW & Family Office with the services they need to operate and stay safe from cyber threats and accidental data breaches.  Inceptus can design a customized Protection Plan that is tailored specifically designed to address the gaps in your current ecosystems cyber security stance, comply with regulation and provide the ultimate protection against hackers, malware/ransomware and downtime, all while protecting your brand & reputation. Inceptus helps ensure that the sensitive data of HNW & Family Office  remains secure.