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Are You a Target?

Are you a Cyber Target?

Cyber security has gone mainstream. It is hard to overstate how quickly cyber security has gone from a niche IT issue to a consumer issue and business priority. Everyone now knows what seasoned security professionals have long been aware of: there is no such thing as perfect security. Security breaches are inevitable, because determined threat actors will always find a way through the gap. Add to this a steady increase of Internet users and hackers, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, advanced hacking tools stolen from nation-state governments, rapid advancements of malicious software, and the proliferation of the Dark Web, we now have a DIGITAL PANDEMIC!

We Can Help

Managed CORE

Managed CORE

Managed CORE is a process to continuously reduce your businesses risk by assessing your current security, fixing those issues and then continuously monitoring your businesses network for hackers 24x7x365 trying to steal your most important data 



Managed ENDPOINT prevents hackers from infecting, taking control of, or stealing your data from your PC’s and Laptop’s 

Managed EMAIL

Managed EMAIL

Managed EMAIL focuses on protecting you from hacker emails designed to trick you into infecting yourself.  

About Inceptus


 Inceptus is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) providing cyber security services. What that means is that we are dedicated to keeping our customers safe, secure and protected while doing business on the Internet. Cyber security is the protection of data from theft, loss or unauthorized access, use or modification. Our bleeding edge managed and professional services are aimed to do just that: keep your brand and reputation safe, your data secured, and your business protected from hackers. We do this by offering dynamic, flexible, and cost-effective solutions that can secure any organization no matter how complex the environment. 


Inceptus comprised of leading practitioners, analysts and experts from 8 Government agencies

The Inceptus Team brings years of experience dealing with nation state cyber-attacks against federated data stores of the US government and Fortune 500 commercial companies. We are comprised of leading practitioners, analysts and experts from Fortune 500 companies as well as served 8 Government agencies that are laser focused on helping businesses deal with the increasing risks and impact of cyber-attacks. 


  • Inceptus secures the information you care about most
  • Our managed services protect everything from your organization's networks and cloud environments, to emails and endpoints
  • We invested in the best security, technology, and people so you don't have to
  • We bring the most advanced technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, to protect your systems and workers while doing business on the Internet. 
  • Our unique platforms are a proprietary blend of cloud-based technologies, advanced data analytics and exclusive threat intelligence that provides unparalleled cyber protections and deep insight into how your environment is behaving and data are being utilized.   

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