Protection Plans

Are You Doing What It Takes To Secure Your Business?

With cyber attacks on the rise there is a need for all businesses to better protect themselves as hacker tools and motives continue to develop. With the increase in Ransomware attacks and accidental data exposures your organization needs to make the right steps to secure its future.  With 65% of businesses going out of business after a breach a better approach has to be taken. Inceptus has developed our Protection Plans specifically to help business navigate the complex threat landscape and severe talent shortage for cyber security professionals that exists. Our Expert Staff can help you get a handle on your specific business risks and develop a specific Protection Plan designed to target the holes in your defenses. With Inceptus' layered defense in depth strategy your organization will have the tools and experts needed to successfully block hackers, malware/ransomware, prevent downtime and protect your brand & reputation. We are here to help you navigate the new Cyber Paradigm!


Evolving Threats Require Customized Protection Plans

Customized Protection Plans Designed To Fit The Specific Needs And Budget Of Your Business!

Inceptus Protection Plans are tailored to address the gaps in your current ecosystems cyber security stance and provide the ultimate protection against hackers, malware/ransomware and downtime, all while protecting your brand & reputation.   

  • No matter where you have already made investments in you cyber posture Inceptus will assess your organization to identify gaps to your cyber defenses.
  • A customized plan is designed to fill the gaps with plug-in cyber solutions and services to ensure that there are layers of defenses at each stage the cyber kill chain to stop even the most determined adversaries. 
  • Our comprehensive defense in depth strategies protect you against hackers by providing competing controls and processes between hackers and your data. 
  • All services are installed, hardened, managed, supported and monitored 24/7/365 by Inceptus' highly skilled analysts that follow tried and tested incident response processes and harden your ecosystem keeping you and your data stays safe.


How Does The Process Work



No matter where you are in cyber program development our expert staff will ask a series of questions designed to find the gaps your organization has in there cyber defenses. We follow industry accepted frameworks like the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls (CSC) and NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF) which provides guidelines to harden your  ecosystem from hackers. 

Analyze & Develop Security Roadmap

After discovery our experts take your collected information and analyze it to see where the gaps exist in your organization. This allows us to develop a protection plan that addresses your specific needs. This identifies the areas in the cyber kill chain where more technologies or services may be needed.

Prioritize & Suggest Remediations

Inceptus will prioritize the suggestions based on the risk that each identified gap presents and suggest an Inceptus plug-in cyber service that remediates the issue or work that a customer or Managed Service Provider (MSP) needs to perform. 

Choose The Right Combination Of Plug-in Cyber Services

With the information provided in the Protection Plan we can help you choose the right combination of services to meet the specific needs and budget of your organization.  Risk reduction to your business is our goal to keep your organization safe from hackers. 

Implement & Harden

Selected Plug-In Cyber Services are then impelemented and hardened specifcally to your orgaiznation.  Specific policies are developed specifcially for each service to meet the needs of your organization. This customizes the solution to your business ecosystem.

Manage, Monitor and Support

Once the Protection Plan is implemented they will then be managed, supported and monitored 24/7/365 by Inceptus' highly skilled analysts in our Security Operations Center (SOC). They follow tried and tested security operations processes that provide the best possible defense to keep your ecosystem and data safe.