Managed MOBILE

Mobile Security Made Easy

The perimeter has disappeared. Employees work from anywhere in the world and their devices access corporate data from cloud services outside of traditional security protections. Securing data in the post-perimeter world requires organizations to move critical security capabilities to endpoints, and establish continuous conditional access to data based on risk.

Inceptus Managed MOBILE makes it easy for your employees to secure their mobile devices with predefined protection settings, a simple three click deployment process, and on-device remediation guidance for users. Now you can give your small business customers visibility, protection and control for mobile employees connecting to the latest cloud productivity services.

Powered by  LOOKOUT® and monitored by Inceptus, Managed MOBILE has visibility into over 170 million mobile devices worldwide. This unparalleled visibility into apps, devices, networks, and OS firmware continuously adapts emerging threats with high fidelity. Managed MOBILE delivers unrivaled visibility and insight to organizations that lack dedicated IT or security staff, with a simple, actionable managed mobile security offering.


Deliver mobile security for your employees

Protect your employees from the entire spectrum of mobile risks including application, network, and device threats. With a proprietary dataset of over 170 million devices and 70 million analyzed applications, you can deliver immediate detection and protection against both known and unknown threats. Deploy Managed MOBILE to protect your employees from:

  • Trojans and spyware that can exfiltrate data from the device
  • Vulnerabilities in app data transfer and storage
  • Advanced root or jailbreak detection for Android and iOS devices
  • Users with out-of-date operating systems
  • Malicious WiFi networks that launch Man-in-the-middle attacks

Simple deployment and visibility for business owners

A quick and easy deployment process to enroll users, Inceptus can deploy mobile security quickly and easily with the ability to scale for future growth. Inceptus delivers insight into mobile risk at a glance for organizations with the overall security status of their entire mobile fleet presented on a single simplified dashboard. Inceptus' 24x7 Security Operations Center alerts your organization to any identified risks and ensures remediation actions have been activated. With a 95% remediation rate, most issues are resolved by users with step by step on device instructions. 


Defend against phishing attacks across all mobile apps

Inceptus Managed MOBILE safeguards your organization from phishing attacks across all applications, including personal and work email, SMS messages, as well as social media applications. By rapidly scanning each URL that employees click, Lookout quickly identifies and blocks access to malicious sites preventing connections to that site. 

What Inceptus Monitors




Measurable reduction of risk

Understand your organization's mobile risk at a glance with simple Risk Status

Post-perimeter protection

As your employees access more sensitive data from mobile devices outside your four walls, Managed MOBILE protects them against malicious applications, phishing attempts, network attacks, and more to keep your growing business safe

Visibility into mobile incidents

Inceptus responds quickly and effectively with real-time visibility into incidents on mobile devices

Securely enable mobility

Managed MOBILE provide organizations with more flexible mobility programs, including BYOD, to increase employee productivity and to stay competitive

Privacy by design

Data sovereignty and employee privacy policies are upheld using Managed MOBILE's privacy control features

Easy to deploy and maintain

Deployment is easy and ensures full coverage of your mobile fleet now and as it scales in the future

Managed MOBILE (Powered by Lookout)

Managed MOBILE protects your employees from security threats from app-based risks, network-based risks and device-based risks and provides visibility to your organization for any mobile risks.