The latest studies on the the state of container and Kubernetes deployments shows that security remains a top concern in container strategies. These findings come from a survey of more than 390 IT and security professionals. Findings were compared and the results showcase the fast-moving nature of cloud-native developments. 

  •  Kubernetes Adoption & Market Share Skyrocket 
  •  Container Security Is A Big Concern 
  •  Misconfigurations Pose Greatest Risk 
  •  Hybrid environments are becoming the standard
  •  Vulnerability management and compliance are top security use cases\
  •  More containers are running in production than ever before

Securing Cloud-Native Infrastructure Falls Short In Three Critical Areas

  1. Limited visibility: most solutions can see only images, image components, and running containers.
  2. Lack of context: container-centric approaches can take action based only on the context provided by images, i.e., vulnerabilities (via vulnerability scanning) and CVE scores. 
  3. Non-scalable policy enforcement: because containers themselves lack any controls, container-centric solutions require third-party inline “proxies” or other fire-walling, and that approach fails to scale at pace with Kubernetes. 

Full Container Life Cycle Security


Kubernetes Security Capabilities Across The Full Application Development Life Cycle

Managed KNUBERNETES (K8s) provides next generation container security, with a Kubernetes-native architecture that leverages Kube's declarative data and built-in controls for richer context, native enforcement, and continuous hardening. Focused on richer context, native enforcement, and continuous hardening allows for the discovery and immediate remediation from incidents. We provide increased visibility, vulnerability management, PCI compliance,network segmentation, risk profiling, configuration management, threat detection, incident response.  We become your SecDevOps!

Managed KUBERNETES Features

Greater Visibility

See Your entire landscape of images, registries, containers, deployments and run-time behavior.

Vulnerability Management

Go beyond Vuln Scores to enforce configuration best practices at build, deploy and run-time.


Check whether your systems meet standard-specific controls for CIS Benchmarks, NIST, PCI and HIPAA.

Network Segmentation

Leverage the native controls in Kubernetes to isolate assets, block deployments or kill pods.

Configuration management

Identify misconfigurations across images, containers, clusters, Kubernetes, and network policies, preventing the accidental exposures that put your systems at risk. 

Threat Detection & Incident Response

We use Rules, White lists and base-lining to identify suspicious activity an take action, from alerting, to killing pods to thwart attacks, using infrastructure for enforcement.

Managed KUBERNETES (Powered by StackRox)

Managed Kubernetes Security that can protect your container environment.  Managed, Motioned and Protected 24/7/365 by Inceptus' Highly Trained Experts.