Protect Your Reputation While Enabling Employees To Work Quickly And Securely

No business can afford a security breach, nor the loss of customer confidence that comes with it. Growing businesses are especially at risk. They need to ensure security but can’t afford complex solutions that frustrate employees or require more IT resources to implement.

Today's businesses have to be agile. They're looking for fast and secure on-boarding for new employees, easy employee access to company applications, and simple but solid security solutions that work out of the box. That means affordable solutions that let existing staff do more in less time. 


Whether you’re a small startup or large business, Managed IDENTITY provides an easy-to-implement Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution for your workforce. Employees, partners, and even customers will be delighted with the ease of Managed IDENTITY's single sign-on (SSO) access to information and apps—including common applications like G Suite, Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce. Managed IDENTITY supports innovation by enabling access to your custom applications, too.

Securely Unify Access Across Your Digital Ecosystem

Managed IDENTITY brings the best-in-breed IAM system that can tie all your applications and systems together whether they are on premise or in the cloud. We bring a secure identity cloud that links all your apps, logins and devices into a unified digital fabric. Managed IDENTITY can become your user management system even if you don’t have active directory or be part of AD allowing for easy on-boarding and off-boarding of users to your systems and services. We can have you up and running on day one, with every app and program you use to work, instantly available. Whether you’re at your desktop or on the go, Managed IDENTITY seamlessly connects you to everything you need providing always on Single Sign-On Authentication, User Management, Multi-factor Authentication, Contextually aware authentication.


Managed IDENTITY Features

Single Sign-On

 Managed IDENTITY gives users one-click access to all their apps, in the cloud or behind the firewall, anywhere and anytime. With an extensive app catalog and a secure portal, users can always see and access their apps. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

 It’s all about secure authentication. Managed IDENTITY adds multi-factor authentication (MFA). Implement personal security questions, bio-metrics, OTP, pins, and more. You define the rules, Managed IDENTITY enforces them. 

Identity and Life-cycle Management

Managed IDENTITY  provision users easily and automate on-boarding/off-boarding. Connectors integrate Managed IDENTITY with your on-prem and cloud directories with real-time synchronization. 

Cloud Directory

 Managed IDENTITY cloud directory is a single source of truth from which you manage access. No need to rip and replace your current directories. OneLogin’s pre-built integrations work seamlessly with your existing on-prem and cloud directories, like Microsoft Active Directory, Office365, Salesforce, LDAP, Workday, and more. 

Managed IDENTITY (Powered by OneLogin)

Cloud Based Identity Access Management for the Modern Enterprise.  Monitored, Managed and Protected 24/7/365 by Inceptus' Highly Trained Experts.