Managed CORE


When it comes to cyber security the core function of any organization is to keep it secure. You have to gather as much information as you can to make informed risk based decisions about your data and how it is being used. Without this knowledge it is nearly impossible to even begin to defend your enterprise from unknown and unseen adversaries. To do this it takes a uniform approach that allows you to look at all the security information being generated from your organization, correlate it, and make actionable responses to incidents as they occur. 

24x7 Situational Awareness of Your Organization's Cyber Risk

The challenge of monitoring is daunting. Data is now everywhere, on local servers, in the cloud, on thumb drives and all of it needs to be audited. Logs need to be verified, collected and correlated from numerous systems and cloud environments. Vulnerability scanning of systems and software needs to happen continuously. Events need to be investigated and remediated 24/7/365. You only need to be wrong once to suffer a catastrophe.

What Inceptus Does and How We Deliver

24x7 Situational Awareness of Your Cyber Risk

Managed CORE is a process to continuously reduce your businesses risk by assessing your current security, fixing those issues and then continuously monitoring your businesses network for hackers trying to steal your most important data. Our approach to core security focuses on bringing best-in-class continuous security monitoring & cyber security software married with highly trained technical analysts to plug into any enterprise and become or augment your security team. We provide 24/7/365 monitoring & alerting of all risks and security events happening within your environment. 

Managed CORE Features

Cloud-Based AI Analytics & Orchestration

 Data-Driven Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Security, Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), Managed CORE provide unparalleled security at all stages of the cyber kill chain and give deep insight into your environment and how your data is behaving and being utilized.

Data Collection

 We collect valuable diagnostic, performance, audit, and security data from your infrastructure and applications through logs and APIs providing greater visibility across hybrid environment.

24/7/365 SOC Monitoring

  Automated analysis only goes so far, that’s why Inceptus provides round-the-clock Security Analysts to determine what is a harmless anomaly and what is a real threat.

Increased Visibility

Inceptus collects a lot of data and represent it to you in many ways. Whether for Sysadmins, Executives or Security teams we can customize how you want to see your data.    

Customized Incident Response

  We work together to discover how you want to be alerted for different threat levels detected. We can alert you, your customers, or both – you set the rules for us to follow.

Adapts to your Environment

 Whether you are a cloud – native, on-premise, micro-services, or complex hybrid environment our managed cyber solutions where designed to adapt and protect the needs of any organization.