Incident Response


Being Prepared For A Cyber Attack And Knowing How To Respond Is Critical!

Incident Response is derived from the need to be prepared for an attack and the need to recover from one. In both cases we incorporate elements from prevailing security policies and compliance metrics, such as NIST SP 800-61 R2, into our approach to ensure all IR Services are timely and effective. We are experts at identification, containment, recovery, and coordination of security incidences, with specific focus on preparation and prevention throughout. Inceptus will ensure you are prepared for an attack and can remediate after one happens. 

Stay Vigilant and Be Prepared!


Breach Response & Forensics

Our investigations includes host and network-based analysis for a comprehensive, holistic assessment of the environment. Our response actions are tailored to help clients respond to and recover from an incident, while managing regulatory requirements and reputational damage.


Data Recovery Services

 Losing data from a failed device is stressful enough without the worry of what it might cost. Rest assured we can recover data from electronic storage devices such as hard drives, CDs, RAID arrays, and solid state (flash drives, thumb drives, iPods, etc.), By utilizing the best data recovery lab in the country we provide fair rates and exceptional service.


Incident Response Plan Review & Tabletop

We evaluate an organization’s cyber crisis processes, tools and proficiency in responding to cyber attacks from both a strategic and technical response perspective. We inject multiple scenarios based on real world experience in a roundtable environment. The organization’s response actions and decisions are observed and changes are made to the policy to ensure maximum effectiveness and streamlining.