Are You Ready for 2020?

Cyber-attacks increased a staggering 33% this year and 2020 is projected to be even worse.

Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between the amount of money required to remediate a cyber incident, and the length of time it takes to detect and mitigate the damage to that organization. 

It's reported that only 23% of organizations have a formal incident and response plan but only half of those, have tested their plans.

Inceptus wants to give you our free Incident Response Cheat Sheet that can prepare your organization if the need arises.

The Cheat Sheet does not replace the need for a formal Incident Response Plan but it can help you identify what steps your organization needs to take and who you can call.

As always, if your organization needs help, we are just a phone call away: (239) 673-8130.